Click START or J when you have at least 2 players to start. (only the first controller can start the game)

Laser tag is planned to be a party style game containing multiple game modes (currently their is only one mode). Laser tag although currently only supports 4 players would later be updated to play with 8 (possibly more). I am excited to see where it goes and would love any critiques or opinions.

Note: I am still looking for someone to help with sound fx. If you are interested please leave a comment below. Thanks.

Game Modes:
Tag: In tag the goal is to simply not be "it". If you are "it" you will begin to lose health. Your goal as "it" is to try and shoot another player, if they are shot they will become "it". The last person standing wins.

- Keyboard: A,  D to move left and right; W to jump (press W twice for a double jump); Left Click mouse to shoot;
- Controller(recommended): Left Joystick to move left and right; A to Jump (press A twice to double jump); X to shoot;

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