"Project Laser Tag" is a party style game containing a few game modes and different settings to mess around with. It supports up to 8 players. "Project Laser Tag is still in development so more game modes and ideas will be experimented with. I am excited to see where it goes and would love any critiques or opinions. If their is a setting or a game that you would like to be made in future updates leave a comment and I will try to respond as soon as I can.

You can follow the game on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/project_laser_tag?igshid=1nwvu7hia79nb

All art is made by (JRaijin) https://javiraijin4.webnode.es/

Music and sound fx will be added

Game Modes:

Tag: In tag the goal is to simply not be "it". If you are "it" you will begin to lose health. Your goal as "it" is to try and shoot another player, if they are shot they will become "it". The last person standing wins.

Capture: In Capture the goal is pretty simple, get to the zones and keep others away. While your in the zone (the particles floating up in a single spot, you can't miss it) you will start to earn points, the first player to the chosen goal wins.

- Keyboard: A,  D to move left and right; W to jump (press W twice for a double jump); Left Click mouse to shoot;
- Controller(recommended): Left Joystick to move left and right; A to Jump (press A twice to double jump); X to shoot; to pause the game press the "back" button(Xbox 360); The controller support is only tested with "Xbox 360" and "Xbox one" controllers.


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